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1) POPCORN ( Do several real colonics {if you have been a popcorn eater} and watch what comes out!)

2) GROUND Black/White pepper granules (why!!??) Do a Gall Bladder flush *(see info below, and watch what comes out) **NOTE {WHOLE PEPPERCORNS Steeped in a soup or broth and filtered OUT before eating, are ok in moderation}

3) FRIED FOODS~ALL TYPES! (why!!??) Do a Gall Bladder flush (information below)~and see what comes out! *{Possible exception to this rule, frying foods in CLARIFIED BUTTER}

4) SODA POP/all CARBONATED DRINKS(includes beer etc)

*exceptions~> add a couple table spoons of honey to beer or Champagne, to "stir out Carbon Dioxide" (until flat~ like Mead)

~some soda pop can be added to certain foods before cooking, to kill parasites. ***Regular Soda pop drinking is implicated in MUSTACHES on FEMALES and other problems! RETAINED EXCESS C02 is what we DON'T want!

5) MELTED CHEESE when cheese melts, it undergoes a chemical change, which when combined with saliva, makes a sticky rubbery substance which will NEED TO BE FLUSHED OUT WITH A COLONIC.

NOTES* on clearing the "5"

A) REAL colonics will flush or help process through 1) Popcorn; 4) RETAINED CARBON DIOXIDE from the soda; 5) MELTED Cheese

B) GALL BLADDER FLUSH (covered in another section) will flush or help process through

2) GROUND Black/White Pepper; and 3) FRIED Foods

*ADDITONAL INFORMATION: Foot reflexology is also recommended for all the above, and this also works the Kidney Meridians, which is recommended for runners