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Afternoon (Lunch) foods ~Solar Nutrition ~2nd Zone

11:30a.m. to 6:30p.m., local STANDARD time (with some exceptions)

As the sun rises to its zenith position of the day, the angular photonics shift from the trees (generally above 5 feet~2 metres) to the smaller plants, shrubs, bushes, and vines, etc.

Most animals are also energized at this time~ (exceptions: fish/marine life and eggs, to be covered under the third zone <see below>)

(<animals/meats are in general not recommended>)

1) Proteins

Soy; Tofu, Tempeh, Miso (small amounts), Natto, Soy Milks,

Vege 'Meats' (In moderation): probably better for woman

A) Legumes/Beans (most need to be cooked and/or sprouted before eating, with a few exceptions)



Butter Bean

Black Eyed Pea (trace elements said to enhance Convex Vision)

Peas all types (do NOT use white/black pepper to flavor soup! *see notes page)

Lentils (all t ypes)

Alfalfa (sprouts only)



Red Beans

Black Beans

Turtle Beans

Garbonzo Beans/Chickpeas/Hummus

B) Afternoon Seeds/Nuts

Sunflower Seed ("Has trace amounts of Cesium", said to be good for broken heart syndrome)

Pumpkin/Pepita Seeds (Better for men; also a de~wormer)

Sesame Seeds (all types, Black is said to be good for men)

~This is a partial list only~!

2) Carbohydrates

A) Grains (Should be cooked/dextrinized or sprouted<with a few exceptions>)

Rice (all types) <Neutral> *(a 'solar neutral food', can be used at any time)

Mochi <Neutral depending on other ingredients> (*made from rice, see above note)


Corn (all types) (Corn chips okay if BAKED NOT FRIED)


Wheat/Kamut/breads (all types)



Amaranth (all types)

3) Vegetables (with a few exceptions, raw is better) ~ contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidents, phytonutrients.

Cabbage/Red Cabbage



Brussel sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts

Lettuces (all types)

Pumpkins/squashes (all types)

Green Onions/chives/Leeks (everything but buttom four inches is okay to use at this time. Buttom 4 inches is utilized under next (Evening) Zone.

Bean/legume sprouts (all types)

Lambs quarters


small Dandelion leaf

Watercress *(wash well before serving~depending on source water quality)

Mints~all~ Peppermint/spearmint etc

Teas~most*<ingredients from leafy shrubs/bushes only at this time> (green/twig maybe best)

~this is a partial list only!

4) Afternoon Fruits (raw is better, for the most part)

A)Tomatoes (unless vine ripened, cooked is better)

Black berries

Blue berries (all types)

'Crow' berries


Watermelon berries

Cranberries (all types)



Currents (all types)

Grapes/raisens (all types)


Acai fruit?

Mayflower fruit (should be very ripe~in moderation only)

Large size papaya?

Bush size mulberries

B)Melons (all)

should be eaten alone (or ONLY with other melons, or left alone!)(Wait one hour after eating other foods before eating Melons; Wait one hour after eating melons before eating any other food!)



Honey Dew

Santa claus melon

(partial list )

5)Afternoon spices




Cayenne/red pepper (all types)

(*Black/White/Green peppercorns ONLY use WHOLE PEPPERCORN TO FLAVOUR broth; do NOT sprinkle Nor use GROUND pepper as a spice!)

*see notes below



Brewers yeast (bitter type is better)

*some types blue/green algae (fresh water)

6)Animals *Not recomended

Sheep, Cow, Chicken, Pig etc

7) Afternoon Oils ~generally teaspoon to tablespoon per meal is all the is required for nutrition

~Do NOT HEAT/FRY OILS with exception of clarified butter


*Clarified Butter

**Olive (a 'solar neutral food'~can be used any time)

Sesame (raw maybe better)


<<*Safflower/Canola use mininally, if at all>>

Pumpkin/Pepita (maybe 'anti~cancer' in small amounts if UNREFINED)~(Maybe better for men)~(May repel parasites)

Soy (only if UNrefined etc., maybe better for woman)