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~1) Trees receive radiations from the Sun at dawn, as it comes up over

the horizon. Fruits and Nuts that grow on trees are then vitalized for

nourishment early in the day. Also, Cellular bodies secrete the

necessary substances to handle these types of food at this time. The

cells that 'eat on time' in the morning then become photo(n)

synchronized with the planetary radiations in the morning, resulting in

optimal efficiency and health.

~2)At noon the radiations of the sun are directly overhead and all the

vegetables, berries, and seeds that grow directly above the surface of

the ground then become energized. Grains, beans, berries, green leaf

vegetables and Organic clarified Dairy products are some examples.

Cellular bodies at this time secrete the necessary substances to

process the elements of these foods. The enzymes and photonics are

synchronized, resulting in minimal residue. (See note below) A greater

variety of foods are available at this time, to nourish the body at

this time of greatest physical work, activity and endocrine processing

and secretions.

~3) Bounce Range. At evening the rays of the sun are diminished, and

another quality of light manifests. Foods that grow right at surface

level, and below ground are now energized. These include root and

marine vegetables, Eggs, and Marine life. Nature did not intend us to

consume large quantities of food at night, before resting and

regenerating, hence the reduced amounts

available.  This system of nourishment operates natures own law of energy

conservation, which can ultimately become transformative, as has been

said. By progressive preparation, processing, and elimination, the

human mechanism will gradually begin to absorb Life Energy directly and

be able to discontinue the intake of energy indirectly in the form of

solids and liquids. So it has been said;

"If you have an immortal 'soul' in a mortal body, I think you have a

lousy deal!" (This chemistry body/temple will upgrade to a photonic non

break down body/temple)~~~ Adano Ley