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The lights flash by as you drive along the never ending road of life, but what is your destination?   WHEN is your destination?   Better yet, WHAT is the ROAD (the process) of getting there?  Do you have a sense of direction?

Do you have your health? Mental, Physical, and Spiritual health?  If you have a QUEST~for the~ ION, in any of the above, perhaps the IDEAS found herein, maybe of help when applied~!  Why still be stuck in the Matrix?  BETTER YET lets all of us be able to free ourselves, free ourselves from suffering! 

~With all thy getting, get understanding first!~

The writer, and these websites are not intended to diagnose, treat a condition or otherwise make any health claims, and health issues should be referred to a qualified health practitioner, or other authorized Source.


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Solar Beginnings

 Solar Nutrition

(synchronization) parameters 1) A little of anything can be medicine

for the system. Too much is toxic, or abuse. Too little can also be

toxic, or attrition! 2) There is a time, a place, and a season for

everything and anything. 3) Live to eat to 'have fun/experiment'!

Experiment and prove what works WHEN, and what doesnt work WHEN. PROVE

things to and for yourcells!**see foot notes below 4) Live to eat to NOT get sick! 5) Live

to eat in order to live to NOT have to eat! a) Live to regenerate! b)

Live to rejuvenATE!


You WILL have to REBOOT what has been the existing paradigm (which has

been around since the fall of Atlantis), which has been

'exit stage left' ~ buried 6 feet under the ground.  "I live to live to regenerate".

A.L.L. files
This is a Residue based creation.  Residueless is where we are
headed, where when with the need.  E.G.O. (Energy going out) and Arrogance increase residue,
humility, health, silence and Synchronicity decrease it.
what is residue?  To be blunt, when we 'eat', we also shit.  When we
drive, our cars emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides,
carbon particulates (especially with diesel or not tuned gasoline
engines) to name a few.
When we breathe, WE emit carbon dioxide. These are all forms of

IF we should not shit when we eat, and do not breathe out as we breathe
in (in "normal" circumstances, and at a long enough time period) then
we risk toxemia and 'Cosmic Vacation'.

Residue/less means this is not a something for nothing creation.  This
is a something for something creation.  This is the general rule.  This
is also not a 100% type Creation.  Yes we probably can get
%99.999999999,,,,,,, etc etc etc. from this Creation, but Creative
Intelligence, according to the saints and holy people, does not want us
to get overly comfortable or too attached.   However Creation must
itself have an exception.  This exception is called (God/dess's) Grace
(Oxygen), among other words or labels.

There IS an/a MR and MRS GOD.  Our male and female genders wouldn't
exist HERE without Mr and Mrs God's templates, above.

As we go up 'Jacobs Ladder'('climbing/integrating higher endocrine
accelerations') to other ANGLES of existance/consciousness/beingness,
there is less and less residue to REcycle or clean up.


This ALL leads us to ALMOND, the first food of the morning, for break fast

with Solar Nutrition.  *See page 3

There is a subsiderary timing/Nutritional process called LUNAR Nutrition, which only occurs one week out of the month, as a varietal process from Solar.  It IS optional also!

This (Lunar Nutrition) will be discussed at the back of this website!  *See Page 7

To start with a Solar overview,  go to page 2!


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